Shogo Komiyama (JP)


Shogo Komiyama (JP)

Promoter & booker for Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), Stepping Stone Festival (South Korea) and Radical Music Network (Japan). Pioneer promoter of Latin, Cumbia, Mestio and World Music in Asia. Director of Japonicus, a Tokyo based music production and promotion agency founded in 1999. Japonicus activities include managing and promoting as well as producing tours, festivals and other events related to music. Some of the genres include: Latin, Mestizo, Cumbia, Ska, Reggae, World Music, Punk, etc…

Shogo Komiyama는 Radical Music Network 페스티벌과 Fuji Rock페스티벌의 부커이자 Japonicus의 디렉터이다.

Japonicus/Radical Music Network Festival

Japonicus is a Tokyo based agency founded in 1999. Since then,Japonicus has expanded their activities to managing, promoting, tours, festivals & events related with music. The activities have so far been concentrated on bands from Latin America, Europe, Asia & Japan. Japonicus has also worked with Laurel Aitken, Rico Rodriguez, Flogging Molly, Fishbone, Gaz Mayall, Manu Chao, etc…, and festivals such as Fuji Rock, Asagiri Jam, Rototom Sunsplash, Vive Latino as well as events and tours in the rest of the world & Japan.

도쿄를 기반으로 1999년에 탄생한 Japonicus는 음악을 사랑하는 사람들의 열정과 후원에 의해 설립된 음악 프로덕션 에이전시이다. 콘서트 투어, 페스티벌 등 여러 음악행사의 아티스트 매니지먼트와 프로모션을 맡고 있다. 남미와 남유럽, 일본을 비롯한 아시아 지역의 뮤지션을 주로 관리하고 이들 지역의 투어를 진행한다.