Orbis Fu (TW)


Orbis Fu (TW)

Orbis Fu is founder of The Wall Music (2005), the most prominent venue in Taipei (capacity:600), which also operates as a nightclub called Korner. Famous for its good musical taste, the venue attracts a great crowd who constantly support shows. Orbis is also well experienced at organizing festivals (T-Fest, Megaport, Formoz, etc.) and built an artist management record label called Uloud, which contains lots of the best indie music.

Orbis는 2005 년 The Wall의 매니저로 커리어를 시작하였으며 곧 공연장이 성공적으로 성장함에 따라 기업의 파트너가 되었다. 이것을 계기로 2008년에는 매니지먼트사, 2009년에는 레코드레이블을 런칭하였으며, The Wall과 함께 콘서트 및 아시아 투어, 페스티벌등을 기획/ 운영하고 있다.

OB Promotion / The Wall Music

OB Promotion House is a service provider company in many aspects of the creative industry. Founded in 2018, it delivers music to the public in every possible way and is devoted to change the music scene in Asia. Its representatives have over 10 years of operation experience in all fields of the music industry including, but not limited to, festivals producing, concert promotion, recording label, artist management, venue operation and artist booking.