Natalia Ulanova (RU)


Natalia Ulanova (RU)

Natalia Ulanova is an active cultural worker of the republic of Buryatia and is the author of  numerous socially valuable projects in arts and culture. At the moment, Natalia is an art director at Buryat State Philharmonic. She was born in Ulan-Ude, in the Republic of Buryatia. She has 10 years ofexperience in festival management. Her most famous projects include the festival INDIE CLASSICS, chamber music festival PIZZICATO, BAIKALl CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL, and International Music Festival “Voice of Nomads”.

Natalia Ulanova는 The Voice of Nomads의 예술감독이자 부랴티아의 문화 활동가이며 많은 예술과 문화로 만드는 사회적 가치에 관한 책들의 저자이다.

Voice of Nomads Festival

The International Music Festival “Voice of Nomads” has been taking place in Buryatia, Russia since 2009. This is the largest open-air festival in the region. The concept of the festival is the idea of ethnofuturism, referring to the particular relevance to the ethnic diversity of culture, turned not to the past, but towards the future. The festival “Voice of Nomads” is intended to open a new space of communication, a new dimension at the crossroads of urban culture and national traditions.

2009년 부랴티아에서 시작 된 국제음악축제 인 ‘Voice of Nomads’는 미래를 지향하며 민족적인 전통과 현대적인 세계관을 융합한 축제로 도시 문화와 국가 전통이 서로 소통할 수 있는 공간을 지향한다.