Julien Manaud (FR, CA)


Julien Manaud (FR, CA)

Before immigrating to Canada in 2006, Julien Manaud made his mark as a musician in France – most notably with the band Motel (alongside singer Jehnny Beth, now of Savages fame). With the experience of over 1500 live performances and as a composer, remixer and producer – he launched in 2013 Montreal label Lisbon Lux Records. Under this banner, he assumed management, production and publishing duties for bands like Le Couleur, Paupière, Bronswick, Das Mörtal,  Beat Market, Radiant Baby etc…

밴드 Motel로 프랑스에서 활동하던 Julien Manaud는 2006년 캐나다로 이주하여 7년 뒤 몬트리올에서 Lisbon Lux Records라는 레이브를 설립하였고 현재는 매니지먼트, 제작, 퍼블리싱 사업을 수행한다. 

Lisbon Lux Records

Lisbon Lux Records is an independent record label, management, publishing and remix production team based in Montreal (Canada), launched in May 2013 by producer Julien Manaud and musician Steeven Chouinard.

Lisbon Lux Records 는 캐나다 몬트리올을 기반으로 한 레이블, 매니지먼트, 퍼블리싱, 리믹스 제작 사업을 수행하는 회사이다.