Wolfman (CH)

September 27, 2019

최근 발매한 앨범 [Mad Woman]은 가사를 넘어서 이상적인 평등주의를 글로벌 예술적 과정으로 탐험한다. 스튜디오에서 작업하는 몇달 동안 그들의 목소리와 관능적인 기타 연주, 그리고 기계가 제공하는 무한한 가능성을 조화롭게 표현하는 것에 집중하였다. 이 앨범을 통해 그들의 일관된 작업 곡들을 만나 볼 수 있다.

Following the EP [Sun Sun] (2017) and the first two albums ([Modern Age] in 2016 and [Unified] in 2013), their new Album [Mad Woman] explores its utopian egalitarianism well past the lyrics, into the global artistic process of the record. During the months of long isolation in their studio, they aimed at conciliating both of their very singular vocals, their sensual guitars and the infinite possibilities offered by their machines, blending everything in harmony with no component dominating the other. The result is the most coherent piece of work Wolfman have produced to date.

*This showcase is presented by Zurich Meets Seoul, a week-long festival showcasing art, science, technology, and lifestyle events across Seoul.