Shumking Mansion (HK)

September 28, 2019

사이키델릭한 에너지를 갖고 있는 신스 팝과 활기찬 댄스 록을 조합하는 인디 밴드 Shumking Mansion. 그들의 열정과 에너지로 가득한 강렬한 구성을 통해 그들은 관객과 호흡한다.

“Love. War. Paranoia. Escape. Rogue robots. Flash floods. All things to be confronted by dancing until near-collapse in the world of Shumking Mansion. A furnace-blast of technicolor noise levelled straight to the back of the brain, Shumking’s live shows are high-speed anarchy. From all four corners of a convincing simulation of Earth–but forever representing Hong Kong–Zaid, Kent, Shum and Jem are on a mission to seize the present and point it like a hand-cranked laser gun at an unforgiving future”.