Schnellertollermeier (CH)

September 28, 2019

현대적 구성부터 미니멀한 음악까지 형식과 장르를 과감하게 깨뜨리는 연주를 선보이는 Schnellertollermeier. 그들의 음악은 심장을 뛰게 하는 폭발적인 힘을 담고 있다.

Schnellertollermeier plays music without compromises. Ranging from modern composition and minimal music to brute rock music, their style defies genre boundaries with an instrumental power that lets heart beat the head easily. The idea of a band that sounds like one organism can be perceived in a unified energy – a music containing as much explosive force as beauty and depth.

*This showcase is presented by Zurich Meets Seoul, a week-long festival showcasing art, science, technology, and lifestyle events across Seoul.