Rare Americans (CA)

September 29, 2019

Priestner 형제와 슬로바키아 기타리스트 Lubo, 그리고 캐나다 베이시스트 Jeff로 이루어진 Rare Americans. 그들이 좋아하는 후킹한 음악에 세상을 향한 다소 비뚤어진 시선을 담았다고 한다.

With two Priestner brothers, a crazy Slovak guitarist Lubo, and a Canadian bassist named Jeff, Rare Americans are crooked and catchy.

Not crooked in the sense they are criminals, in fact they barely have a speeding ticket between them; crooked in the sense they see the world a little crooked, they tell stories with slants. They sing for characters who rarely take the straight path.

Catchy because they like catchy music and this way if no one else likes it at least they can enjoy belting out these classics at family dinner!