Ragers (CA)

September 29, 2019

팝과 일렉트로닉, 힙합 등 다양한 장르를 악기로 연주해내는 Ragers는 캐나다 몬트리올 음악 씬의 주역으로 꼽히고 있다. 그들의 LP 앨범 [Raw Footage]와 ‘ZAC’의 뮤직비디오가 큰 인기를 끌면서 Ragers는 다시 한 번 떠오르는 신예로 인정받았다.

With 4 releases in as many years, Ragers have become an important cog in Montreal’s musical scene. Cumulating acclaim from The Fader, Complex and XXL Magazine, the band won over the scene with their eclectic mix of pop, electronic, hip-hop with live instruments. The success of their LP [Raw Footage], which saw the band earn widespread international play listing and the embracing of both satellite and college radio, and their latest video ‘ZAC’ keeps proving that Ragers are on the rise, with a prolific and professional output. Party hip-hop, on point flow, and the band’s trademark catchy hooks & melodies are on full display here.