September 27, 2019

음악을 통해 사회에 영향을 줌으로써 긍정적인 변화를 촉구하고자 하는 Pyra. 2016년 애플 뮤직이 선정한 최고의 신인상을 비롯하여 화려한 수상 경력을 자랑하는 그녀는는 방콕의 가수이자 프로듀서다. 음악 프로듀싱부터 뮤직 비디오 디렉팅, 자금 펀딩, 그리고 투어 부킹까지 스스로 해내는 그녀는 업계 관계자들로부터 많은 찬사를 받고 있다. 올해 5월 유니버설 뮤직 그룹으로부터 레코드 제의까지 받았다고 한다.

Pyra is crowned as ‘Apple Music Best New Artists 2016’, ‘Joox Spotlight Artist 2018’, ‘Redbull Music Artist’, the winner of ‘Sunkist Music Contest 2018’, and the first Thai artist to perform at Burning Man. She is a singer-producer from Bangkok, who is respected by industry professionals for producing her own music, directing her own videos, being the art director for her own visuals and costumes, raising funds for her EPs and booking her own tours.

In May 2019, she surprised the industry by turning down one of the biggest record deals ever offered in South East Asia, by the Universal Music Group. She was previously scouted by various record companies like Warner Music (TH), Sony Music (CH), Westone (US), Absent Mind (UK).

Pyra classifies her music as ‘conscious pop’—a genre created to create big impact and drive positive social changes. Following her ‘US-Asia Tour 2018’, she’ll be making her US debut in 2020.