September 28, 2019

포니는 2009년에 데뷔한 포스트펑크 밴드이다. 같은 해에 1집 앨범 [소란들]을, 2012년에는 EP 앨범 [Little Apartment], 2015년도에는 [I don’t want to open the window to the outside world]를, 2018년에는 EP 앨범 [태평양]을 발매하였으며, 간헐적으로 라이브 활동을 하고있다.

PONY was formed in 2009, releasing their official debut album the same year. They began as a post punk band and quickly gained notoriety in various Korean media outlets and fashion magazines. Tiring of the rock scene and the band’s image being associated with fashion, Pony moved toward to a more shoegazing, lo-fi, noise pop sound – releasing an EP and second full-length album. For the third album [the pacific ocean], Pony mixed the unlikely sounds of lo-fi, neo psychedelia, and Krautbea. The album is a culmination of where the band has been and where they are heading musically.