omni sight (JP)

September 29, 2019

2013년 일본 교토에서 결성된 일렉트로닉 밴드 omni sight. 거침없는 베이스와 드럼이 만들어내는 유기적이고도 강렬한 비트와 더불어, 클럽 음악에 대한 실험적인 시도를 통한 독특한 사운드를 특징으로 하고 있다. 그들의 모국인 일본뿐만 아니라, 잔다리페스타를 비롯한 해외의 다양한 무대에 오르면서 전세계적으로 그들의 영향력을 뻗어 나가려고 하고 있다.

omni sight is a Kyoto-based electronic music band since 2013. The band is consisted of Motohiko Sato, and Naoki Hirai, a drummer of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES and various artists. Their sound has organic/mighty beats by raw bass and drums, also has unique cosmic soundscapes with experimental and respectful attitude for clubbing music. The long-awaited first full album [eternal return] was released in September 2015.

They have performed in festivals and on stages across the globe in their attempts to spread their light of hope, including in their home country Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, encompassing prestigious festivals such as Asagiri Jam, Itadaki, Nemachizuki no show, Cat Foodival, Zandari Festa, Steel Art Festival, Urban Nomad Film Festa, We Are South, Playtime Festival, among others.