September 27, 2019

태국 방콕 출신의 6인조 얼터너티브 록/포스트 하드코어 밴드. 드러머의 대학 졸업 작품으로 뮤직비디오를 제작하기 위해 모인 것이 계기가 되어 밴드활동을 시작하게 되었다. 데뷔 싱글 [The Rise]로 태국 인디 뮤직 씬에서 주목을 받기 시작하여, 이후 발매한 싱글 [My Battle Cry]로 언더그라운드 메탈/하드코어 씬 뿐만 아니라 메이저 락 씬에서도 두드러진 면모를 보여주었다.

NOBUNA is a six-piece alternative-rock/post-hardcore band based in Bangkok, Thailand. They initially emerged in April 2015 when Virgil the drummer wanted to make a music video for his university’s graduation project. Since he didn’t have a band at that time, he decided to gather friends around him to form NOBUNA. NOBUNA’s debut single [The Rise] had made some noise in the Thai independent music scene. Shortly after, the band then released a single that happened to be one of NOBUNA’s hottest anthem called [My Battle Cry], which elevated their career to the next level. Thanks to that, they were widely recognized not only in the underground metal/hardcore scene, but also in the major rock scene as well.