I Mean Us (TW)

September 28, 2019

2015년 결성된 대만의 드림 팝, 인디 팝, 슈게이징 밴드. 90년대의 아날로그 사운드와 사이키델릭 뮤직을 혼합한 그들의 음악은 로맨틱한 사운드를 들려준다.

I Mean Us is a Dream pop/Shoegaze/Indie Pop band formed in Taipei at the end of 2015. Their DNA romantically combines the 1990s analog sound with psychedelic style. Having a background in these genres, you can expect not only the thrilling wall of sound, but also sweet and dancing notes in that they have created. Their music really excites different reflections and atmospheres in your mind which can takes you through solitude, energetic to some wittily and sullen moments.