Cruisic (JP)

September 27, 2019

일렉트로닉에 대한 Yukinari의 유서 깊은 음악적 배경과, 팝과 재즈에 대한 Ryusuke의 경험이 만나 Cruisic은 그들의 사운드를 역동적으로 다듬고 변화시킨 댄스 음악을 추구한다.

Cruisic is a human-driven electronica band. Consisting of track maker Yukinari Iwata and drummer Ryusuke Kakizawa, Cruisic pursues the possibilities of dance music, electronica and jazz.

Yukinari has been active as a track maker based on house music and electronica, providing tracks for numerous projects including his own Specta, Flat Three.

Ryusuke started his career as a member of the most unique Japanese pop band Tornado Tatsumaki, has been working with some of the most talented bands in Japan, across a vast range of genres.

Directly combining and linking Yukinari’s broad range of electronic music background and Ryusuke’s experiences in pop and jazz, Cruisic pursues dance music by dynamically enhancing and transforming their sound.