Bosudong Cooler | 보수동쿨러

September 28, 2019

부산의 4인조 인디 록 밴드 보수동쿨러. 60,70년대의 빈티지한 쟁글팝 사운드와 다양한 인디 음악의 영향을 받아 멜랑콜리에서 피어나는 명랑함을 노래하고 있다.

Bosundong Cooler is an indie rock band from the southern city of Busan that plays dreamy Jangle Pop based on a vintage sound. The band’s music is described as a “bloom of happiness in melancholy”. Bosudong Cooler’s members are not quite sure what this means, but they like the sound of it.