Billy Carter | 빌리카터

September 27, 2019

빌리카터는 김지원(보컬), 김진아(기타)로 구성된 록 밴드이다. (드럼 세션 유연식)

2015년 데뷔 EP [The Red]를 발매한 이후 한국 대중음악상 3개 부문 노미네이트, 네이버 이주의 국내 음반, 2015 K-루키즈 등에 선정되었다. 2016년 1월 두 번째 EP [The Yellow]를 발표하고 같은 해 겨울 정규 1집 [Here I Am]을 발표한 빌리카터는 전국투어, EBS 스페이스 공감, 잔다리페스타 등 국내 활동에 이어 프리마베라 프로, TGE, LSC, Dour 페스티벌 등에 참여했다.

Billy Carter is a rock band consisting of vocalist Jiwon Kim, guitarist Jina Kim and drummer Yeonsik Yoon. In 2015, after they released its first untitled EP, commonly referred to as ‘The Red’, they were chosen as the Rookie of the Year by K-Rookies as well as nominated for three 2015 Korean Music Awards. Billy Carter released their second untitled EP, an acoustic record referred to as ‘The Yellow’, and their first studio album [Here I Am] the following year. Since then, they have toured heavily throughout South Korea, with appearances on TV shows and at music festival such as: Primavera Pro; LSC; TGE and Dour Festival. Throughout all of this, Billy Carter have continued to develop their unique three-piece sans-bass rock sound.