ba. (LT)

September 29, 2019

리투아니아를 대표하는 빌뉴스 출신의 록 밴드 ba. 올해 새 앨범 [H8]을 발매한 그들은 가을에 유럽 투어를 계획 중이며, 독일 Reeperbahn 페스티벌 무대에도 설 예정이다.

ba. is a Lithuanian rock band, formed in Vilnius, Lithuania. They are considered as the most well-known and influential alternative representatives in Lithuania.

In 2019, ba. released their second full album [H8] and had a solo show for 3,000 people. Now they are planning a tour in Europe during autumn. Also they will be performing in Reeperbahn festival in Germany.