Amazing Show (TW)

August 21, 2019

대만의 복고풍 포크 록을 선보이는 대만 지아이 지역 출신의 밴드. 싱글 [Cigarette]과 [Chill Out]이 각각 700만 400만이 넘는 조회수를 기록했을 뿐 아니라, 대만에서 열리는 수많은 음악 페스티벌에 참여하는 등 신세대에게 가장 인기있는 밴드로 주목받고 있다.

Amazing Show started as a low-tech and pulpy band from Chiayi, a southern city of Taiwan. Their music combines rock music and homemade experimental instruments, while integrating elements of folk songs, Hokkienpop, and experimental music. Their single albums [Cigarette] and [Chill Out] reached more than 7 million and 4 million streams respectively. Their performance style is humorous and close to their fans. Amazing Show had taken part in numerous music festivals in Taiwan, including Wake Up Festival, BeastieRock, Love Love Rock Festival, Megaport Festival, and the Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA), making them one of the most popular bands for the new generation in Taiwan.