델타시퀀스 DTSQ

Artist Introduction

누군가에게는 스티커로 더 친숙할지도 모를 DTSQ는 서울에서 결성된 4인조 락밴드이다. 자신들이 좋아하는 수많은 음악 장르들에서 받은 영향들을 자유롭게 섞고 재배치한 음악을 만들고 연주하며, 특유의 폭발적인 무대 에너지로 관객들의 눈과 귀를 사로잡는다.
DTSQ is a strong cocktail with heavy shots of various genres such as blues, punk, electronic, psychedelic, jazz and pop.
Formed in 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. DTSQ has played more than 200 gigs of all sizes. In 2016 they toured around Europe playing three huge festivals and any venue that would have them along the way.
Recently they have dropped their first full-length album 'Neon-Coloured Milky Way'
After releasing their first LP, they toured UK/France including two big shows and several club gigs.